Davy Jones's Locker - The untold stories



Welcome to the locker. Here we will find the lost tales of the Kracken and the stories behind how we came up with our concepts. 


THE KRACKEN – /krɑːckən/ is a legendary sea monster of giant size said to have god-like powers. These scrolls are from an ancient Greek island found hundreds of years back regarding a guardian of the sea called the Kracken. If you read back in the history books you will see the people of ancient Greece offered sacrifices for safe passage on the seas. In the scrolls the spelling of his name translate to KRACKEN and was written in ancient Greek Language called Koine which is an extinct language. It is a mix of Attic Dialect spoken in the 5th century BC. The Kracken (not to be confused by Kraken) is also called the Guardian of the Sea.


SCROLL 1 : The Majestic Mermaids


Many stories of ancient gods have been told throughout time. One specific god the scroll goes into detail about is a mythical god that lives in the sea. He takes a form resembling a half-man and half-fish being. This god, unlike any other god known to us is the only one that takes a purely physical form. It goes on to say there are many gods all waging war to claim the souls of this world. Many have different powers and come from a world much bigger then our own according to literature.

This God of the Ocean never named in the scrolls is said to live in a city made of diamonds in the deepest part of the sea. The god [ half-man / half-fish ] was said to have an entire city of half-women / half-fish he bewitched to do his bidding. The half-women / half-fish were no ordinary women. They were the islands most beautiful virgins scarified in his honor by the ancient Greeks and turned into Mer-Maids. Maid in ancient Greek is to serve.

This god of the seas is said to wear a large amulet around his neck made of a blue diamond that has a very unique florescent glow and is said to be his source of power connecting his physical form to his channeled powers. Without this blue diamond his powers would fade in time and he would cease to exist. The gods covet these diamonds said to be tears of the great creator. The more tears the god had the more powerful he would become.

Many tales of mermaids have also been told. Often depicted by sailors on long voyages hearing a woman’s voice in the faint of the night where no other living soul could survive. One sailor even said he heard the most beautiful god like voice in the dead of night. It was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard in a language he never heard. Countless stories have been told, yet all written off as scurvy or madness.

Only a few sightings of mermaids have been recorded or seen because no one has ever lived to tell the tale. They are said to look like angels of the sea with long flowing hair. One look into their glowing blue eyes and the victims fall into a state of euphoria.

The scrolls go on to speak about another mythical beast called the Kracken. It’s said the God of the Sea took the blood of a squid and fused it with his diamond thus giving him the power of the sea. During that transfer the squid also was infused with the small amount the god took from his blood thus gaining some of the power. His size grew ten fold and his body transferred in the makers eyes. The guardian of the sea emerged [ KRACKEN ]. Tentacles massive enough to grip a large warship and drag it to the depts. A crown of scales was forged on his head as he assumed the position of head guardian.

 The Kracken was fused with the blood of a god. He had the ability to control the mermaids to act on his behalf. As the mermaids lure in the sailors and pirates the Kracken steals their souls and as a result his god-like power only grows stronger. Said to have the power to take down entire fleets of ships.

Editors Notes : The Majestic Mermaid Shirt

This shirt was designed to show the meaning and relationship the Kracken [ guardian of the sea ] has with the mermaids. They work in tangent in order to feed and grow their power. Both serving the god of the sea, they act in his vision in order to accomplish the same goal.

In this image you will see a mermaid resting on top of what’s left of a grand ship. This was one of the few intact items left from the ship, which happen to be a key necessity; RUM. Rum was often used to keep the crew from going mad with boredom from being out to sea for months at a time. The image symbolizes the relationship between the mighty Kracken and the mermaid.

Scroll 2 : The Emperor’s Sub.

With the evolution of mankind comes technology. Dating back to early times we have always wondered what secrets the sea holds. Unable to unlock the mysteries of the sea we move closer to developing machines that can help us get a look under the mysterious waves.

A man by the name of Cornelious Drebbel was hired in 1603 by James the First of England to help build one of the very first working submarines. With this invention mankind would be able to peer into the sea for the first time to see what the depths hold. This unlocked a key moment in history that man can build a machine that could penetrate the depths of the sea. With time the fascination of mankind and what might lie at the bottom of the ocean grew.

One cold night on February 1, 1967 the USS Scorpion lay silent in our Norfolk Naval shipyard. The sub was being overhauled in preparation for her next mission. The Scorpion specialized in the development of nuclear warfare tactics. A hunter in the sea and one of the first of it’s kind for the U.S. Navy.


February 15th 1968 the sub received orders to patrol the Mediterranean waters as threats of Russian submarines where sighted not far from that position. After several days of running retune sonar pings all appeared normal. Day 7 of the subs run there where last reported 50 miles south of the Azores off Bermuda. Suddenly the submarine had disappeared from radar and was never to be heard from again.

The wreckage of the USS Scorpion

The US Navy disbursed crews to the last known area to see if they could recover the ship and find out what caused the sub to disappear. After weeks of searching the area crews did find the wreckage of the Scorpion. It lay silent at the bottom of the ocean.

Pictures of the wreckage revealed that the sub had been ripped in half. The depth at which it was found was almost 3,000 meters deep. The forward hull including the torpedo room and radio where all intact. The rear section of the sub to include the engine room had a huge crater when it impacted the ground floor. The Forward hull was found more then 3,000 feet away as if it had been placed there.


After review the reports mentioned that the Scorpion’s running lights were in the locked position as if it were at the surface at the time of the unexplained occurrence. Speculations indicated an internal explosion had occurred yet the hull seamed to have been crushed from the outside of the sub. Unique markings have been found on the outside of the hull in the shape of small circles. That night 99 crewmen where aboard the Scorpion. Only the crew will truly know what happened that cold night as the sub was ripped in half and dragged to the depths of the bottom never to be heard from again.